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For a quick ultrasound diagnosis of sinusitis
  • Fast diagnosis (in seconds)
  • Pain-free
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to transport
  • Harmless to the health of the patient
  • Suitable for pregnant women and children over 3 years old
  • Highly reliable
  • Information is clearly displayed on the LCD screen
  • Results can be stored to the device memory
  • Fast output with an option to print
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Sinuscan-201 comes with an ergonomically designed case for carrying and storage of the apparatus/accessories
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Patients are often faced with the problem of sinus disease.  In most cases, they try to avoid diagnosis for fear of harmful X-ray procedures and the inconvenience of clinics.  As a result of that, people are turning to the common methods of treatment of sinus disease and ignore the inflammation.  Eventually the situation worsens which results in serious negative complications.  Sinuscan-201 is a safe and easy alternative to the conventional ways of diagnosis and treatment of inflammation of the maxillary and frontal sinuses (sinusitis).  The proper use of this device allows the patient to avoid unsafe radiographic procedures.  Sinuscan-201 offers proper diagnosis without the risk of negative complications.
The action of the apparatus Sinuscan-201 is built on the technology of ultrasound images. The sensor sends an ultrasound, processes it and displays a reflection of the diagnostic data to the integrated screen in the form of a diagram.  The diagram shows the reflecting layers and the gap between them.  Feedback signal from the blank and the evaluated sinuses will be different, which makes it possible to assess the state of the sinuses.  Thus, the health professional will be able to manage the disease.  Sinuscopy is a new direction in the diagnosis of sinus disease.  The health provider may perform a study at home or at the hospital during the first examination and adjust the treatment accordingly to facilitate a quick recovery.  In addition, this apparatus is safe with the diagnosis of pregnant women and children over 3 years old.  The great advantage of this device is the speed of the diagnosis because it provides accurate results within seconds.

Sinuscan-201 makes it possible to obtain accurate visual information about the state of the sinuses and saves time and money.  The apparatus is easy to use and does not require the help of technicians, which is the case with the X-ray machines.  The health professional can provide an in-house survey during the first examination without resorting to harmful and complex procedures.  Results are presented to the patient immediately in printed form, which saves the patient time.  The built-in memory can store up to four recent studies. Compact and transportable, Sinuscan-201 kit makes for a quick and easy diagnosis.